Coronavirus outbreak: Canada in Crisis

This is an unprecedented time for Canadians and everybody around the world. As the novel coronavirus spreads, every day brings to the fore new questions, new concerns and a cascade of unfiltered information from all corners of the globe. Global News wants to help Canadians from all walks of life aggregate and understand the latest about COVID-19 — from parents worried about their children being out of school to those caring for higher-risk people, and those who may now be out of work or suddenly without income — with special news presentation Coronavirus: Canada in Crisis. Global National anchor Dawna Friesen will be joined by Global Toronto anchor Farah Nasser to take a close look at the hard facts, but also the human side of the story. Global News is comprised of individuals whose lives have been upended by the pandemic, and who work hard to carry on just like you. We too want to analyze and understand how coronavirus is impacting our lives, and what we can all do together as a community to cope, heal and move forward.