International students studying in Canada are over 250,000, and its constantly growing. Many international students are now inclined towards living their study abroad dream in Canada. Especially if compared with other potential destinations like US, UK, Australia and France; studying in Canada offers certain benefits and advantages. Prominent benefits are affordable tuition fee, safe living, working and employment options (during and after studies).

Globally Recognized Universities

Many universities and colleges located across Canada are known for their researches and innovations. Higher education institutes are diverse in Canada in terms of their size, scope and study programs. High standards and academic quality controls helps students to better standards of education, to shape a quality career in a long term. Degree and award certificates including the diplomas are well recognized as equivalent to the certificates acquire from US or any other Commonwealth country.

Low Cost of Tuition Fee

International students prefer Canada over other popular study destination, due to low education expenses, specially the course fee as compare to US and UK is very cheap and affordable, which makes these students to opt Canada as their study abroad destination.

source :studyinternational