7 Ways to Jumpstart your Life and Career in Canada

You might be unsure of how to proceed if your goal is to start a career in Canada or simply make new friends. You are not alone, so don’t worry. Additionally, there are some strategies to help you maximize your potential and make your move to Canada into a life-changing experience for the better.

Canadianize your resume and be aware of when and how to use it.

In Canada, almost every successful career begins with a stellar resume that highlights your accomplishments and value. You will be able to describe how you can support the company in achieving its objectives by outlining what you have accomplished in your career to date.

In order to apply for a job in Canada, you must submit a typed resume. It’s crucial that you adjust to the resume format used in Canada. It’s also crucial to know when and how to use your resume; make yourself stand out by customizing the content to each job description. You won’t succeed with resumes that list duties but ignore value. If you can’t put your contributions to your previous positions into concrete, numerical terms and feel proud of what you have accomplished, no employer will. This is an essential first step in locating the ideal career in Canada.

Be distinctive, approachable, accessible, professional, and captivating

Be distinctive — Get out there and let people know who you are.

Be approachable — Instead of the other way around, demonstrate what you can
offer others.

Be accessible — Attend events, respond to emails, pick up the phone, and print
business cards. You’ll be able to start your career in Canada and land the job of
your dreams.

Be professional — Dress to impress, be aware of when you are or are not
speaking on first names, and watch what you say. (Canadians sometimes have a
higher level of political correctness than you might be used to in your home

Be captivating. — You probably already have a fascinating past because you’re
an immigrant. Being a good listener is essential because the best way to be
interesting is to start by showing interest in the lives and stories of other people.

Utilize nearby resources.

You might be able to use networks to find mentors and develop the weaker parts of your skill set. Few people are skilled or knowledgeable in every area, but we can all get better at what we already do.

Don’t forget to market your skills and experience because you are valuable to others as well. Try to meet people for informational interviews and go to industry meet-ups since this style of networking is more common in innovation hubs like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. You’ll have a better chance of establishing a career in Canada if you do this.


Go Online

All of this is now largely done online, from looking for contacts in your industry to finding a place to live and buying used furniture. Making the most of your online time can help you save money, expand your network, and perhaps even find a great job in Canada. Use classified ads websites like Craigslist and Kijiji since they are commonplace in Canadian culture. Additionally, the key to starting a professional career in Canada is to have a complete and up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

Talk to people.

Speak to them since most Canadians are friendly and receptive. You never know where it could go; it could even present a job chance.

Speak to the staff if you are a guest in a hostel or hotel. Introduce yourself to the individual sitting next to you or the bartender if you’re in a pub. You will be able to advance in Canada and open opportunities for yourself using this traditional, in-person form of social networking.

Know your surroundings.

Finding your way around a new area can make life much easier and aid in the
development of new relationships. Being familiar with your surroundings will
provide you peace of mind, from knowing where to go for over-the-counter
medications to knowing where to obtain a late-night snack.

Become a member of a club.

Finding others who share your interests is one of the best methods to start a social life when you move somewhere new. Joining a club puts you in your comfort zone and promotes relaxation. Clubs range from sports clubs to yoga to literature clubs, community advocacy organizations to baking meet-ups. Your social life will start to move in the right direction as a result. This may also help you launch a successful career in Canada because your new acquaintances may know the proper people to introduce you to.

you can fast track immigration if you’re a skilled worker

Express Entry is Canada’s immigration program for skilled workers. The program aims to process new immigrants in 6 months or less.

Before you fill out an Express Entry profile, determine if you’d eligible under one of the federal programs for skilled workers. If you qualify, go ahead and complete your profile and pay the relevant fees.

This is the first step to immigrating to Canada! Keep in mind that to complete your Express Entry, you’ll also need to be prepared to take a language test, and have your education credentials and experience assessed.

After you’ve completed these steps, your profile will be evaluated and you’ll be placed into the Express Entry pool of candidates. Being in the pool doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be invited to become a permanent resident.

The higher your Express Entry score, the better your chances of gaining an invite. This is the point at which it’s recommended that you start looking for jobs.

source :randstad