What Is A Short Term (15 or 30 days) Work Permit Exemption?

Short term work permit exemptions are a right to work without a work permit in Canada.  It is important to note that the exemption applies to the foreign worker and not to the employer. Foreign workers will be authorized to work without a permit under the public policy for the 15-day period every 6 months or for a 30-day period every 12 months. Without meeting an exemption, your worker will need a work permit to enter Canada to work.

Under the Global Skills Strategy (GSS), there are two categories of individuals who may enter Canada to perform work without requiring a work permit.

While a work permit is not needed under Global Skills Strategy, applicants must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), if applicable.


To qualify for the work permit exemption, Researches must demonstrate:

  • They will be working in Canada for one period of 120 days every 12 months; and
  • They will be performing research at a Canadian, publicly funded, degree-granting institution or its affiliated research institution.

Highly Skilled Workers

To qualify for the work permit exemption, Highly Skilled Workers must demonstrate:

  • They will be working in a position that is considered skill type 0 (executive, managerial) or skill level A (professional) in the National Occupational Classification (NOC); and
  • They will be working in Canada for one of the following periods of time:
    • Up to 15 consecutive days once every 6 months; or
    • Up to 30 consecutive days once every 12 months.

Workers who have been granted entry under the Global Skills Strategy must stop working once the exemption ends. They must wait until they are eligible for another exemption under this category, or they may choose to apply for a work permit.

What Do Employers Need To Do To Get A Short Term Work Permit Exemption?

For employer, it is important to pay attention to the nature of the job for which you are hiring the foreign worker. They must fall under skill type 0 or A. In addition, the duration of the work assignment must not exceed 30 days. These two requirements are key to benefit from this work permit exemption.

Required Documents For Exemptions?

You must provide evidence to satisfy an officer that a short term exemption applies. Evidence may include documents such as a job offer or contract from the employer attesting to the details of the work, descriptions of the duties, the NOC code of the occupation and the period of employment (start date and end date).

Offer Of Employment Requirements?

No requirement exists for you to submit an offer of employment through the Employer Portal.

source : canada.ca