If you’ve already secured a job in Canada, congratulations! Should you be hoping to find something upon arrival, before you go you must establish where the best job opportunities can be found for your skillset. A country retreat out in Saskatchewan might be just what you want, but are there ample job opportunities in the region? It’s never too early to start your job search or to place yourself on the radar of potential employers. Make contact whilst still back in the UK. Who knows, they could end up helping you to secure your visa, and might even offer a relocation package if your skills are just what they are after.

If you’re planning on finding work once you’re a little more settled, remember how important it is to network. Chat to everyone you meet in your local community, your children’s school, and your exercise classes about what skills you have, and don’t be afraid to ask whether people have any contacts that can help. People like feeling useful, and if they know someone, they’ll surely put you in touch. Finding work is hard, so be prepared to put in a little groundwork to find the life you’re seeking.

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